My name is Cseh Ioan, you can find me on the internet by Grafvision. I bought my first professional camera in 2008 and I started taking pictures right away and to upload them to stock agencies. While putting togheter my portfolio, I tried my hand at wedding photography, but I did not like this genre, stock photography is more laid-back for me.
At the begining I tried all kinds of photo categories: model, business, nature, landscape, macro, but I realized that from Romania I could compete on a professional level on the global market only if I took food pictures.
At the moment my portfolio contains more than 23000 pictures, mainly food pictures, and I steel feel that with hard work I can learn and create a lot in this field.
First of all, I would like to recommend/suggest beginner food photographers to pay great attention to the composition and the harmony of the colours – this requires a great variety of kitchen tools and decorations.
Those who feel that this no longer a challenge and would like to try their experience outside of the studio, they should find a local restaurant and try to shoot some good photos while a chef is working, creating in a real restaurant kitchen. For me, this is a challenge after 10 years of food photography.
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